The Perfect Summer Decor: Artificial Hydrangeas

The Perfect Summer Decor: Artificial Hydrangeas

We all like to decorate with the seasons and jazz up our homes to match whats going on outside. Here at Contempee, our favourite season is summer. Light, sunny days and stunning colourful flowers are what springs to mind, and we love to incorporate this vibe into our home for the season. But how do you achieve this summery feel in your home? Our number one tip is hydrangea flowers! While it's tempting to fill your home with real flowers for the summer, we are urging you to try artificial flowers instead. And more specifically, we recommend artificial hydrangeas.

faux hydrangeaartificial hydrangea

Why Hydrangea?

Hydrangea are beautiful, large flowers that add a stunning summery statement to any home. Native to Asia and the Americas, hydrangeas are very popular thanks to their beauty, colour and delicate flowers. Hydrangeas are so beautiful in fact, they are often included in wedding arrangements and other luxury florist bouquets. They are the perfect statement bloom.

If you're lucky enough to have real hydrangeas in your garden, you can cut them and add them to a vase, but the downside of real flowers is they won't last long. If you want hydrangea with less hassle that lasts for longer than a week, you'll need to opt for artificial hydrangeas. The good news is, our quality artificial flowers look just as good as the real thing.

Artificial hydrangeas

Contempee have the perfect product for you. Our new artificial hydrangeas are realistic and beautiful, allowing you to add flowers to your home that will last all season. We have three colour options that mimic those seen in nature; White, Peach and Citrus Rose. Our artificial hydrangeas are just as, if not more, beautiful than the real thing.

Not only do they last longer, but opting for artificial flowers over fresh flowers can help you save money, too. This is because you don't have to keep buying them - one purchase and you're set! Our artificial hydrangeas are available for a reasonable price of just £29.99 for 3 stems. There are three flowers on each stem, so nine per bunch, which creates a gorgeous full look. If you love unique decor, you can even mix and match a few different colours to play around with the different shades, showing off their stunning details.

Silk Flowers

Our artificial hydrangeas are made from silk and paper. Artificial flowers made from silk are the most realistic and the best quality, as the soft material mimics that of delicate fresh flowers. Silk is also a sustainable option as it can be sustainably sourced. It is a renewable resource, can biodegrade and it uses less water, chemicals and energy than similar technologies. The longevity of silk flowers is also a huge eco-friendly plus, as one purchase lasts for years. In comparison, you'd have to order fresh flowers roughly once per week to have them up all year round, and fresh flowers are often shipped from overseas and packaged in non-recyclable plastic packaging. No thank you!

peach hydrangeayellow hydrangea black vase


Introducing Arlo

You didn't think we'd launch a new product without a perfect vase to match, did you?! Introducing our beautiful Arlo Vase. This vase is where rustic meets modern. The textured, stone like finish gives Arlo a country feel, but the bold monotone colour options and sleek modern shape add a contemporary element, too. Available in Black and White, our new Arlo Vase is designed to pair perfectly with artificial flowers and in particular, our new hydrangea. This look will create a beautiful statement in your home that you can enjoy season after season.

white vase

Place an order now

If you want to get your hands on our realistic looking artificial hydrangeas then you're in luck, as we have plenty of availability! Our new artificial hydrangeas have just launched and the whole range is in stock now. You can find the range over at Contempee's site (or simply click here!)

Artificial hydrangeas are the ideal summer home accessory, especially when paired with our matching vase. Orders are coming in fast, so get yours while they're still in stock.

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