The Best Artificial Orchids

The Best Artificial Orchids For Sale

With the popularity of artificial flowers on the rise, it was time that we expanded our range and added some quality artificial orchids. Why you ask? I don't know if you've ever tried to look after real orchids, but they're not the easiest, especially in a cold uk climate. Real orchids are fussy and will die off quickly without the right conditions. But, thanks to our new artificial orchid, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy orchids in your home!

If you want an orchid plant, we're urging you to opt for faux orchids over real. They're affordable, easy to care for and look just as beautiful. Quality silk orchids or  real touch material like those at Contempee have a real orchid's natural beauty and delicate petals, without any fuss or maintenance, so it's really a no-brainer.

Introducing: Our Brand New Range

Orchids are extremely popular. They are one of the most popular house plants in the UK, so it's no surprise that we wanted to launch artificial orchids - to offer a more convenient, affordable, faux alternative. For those who are new here, Contempee Home Decor has one of the most comprehensive collections of artificial flowers. Our new Faux Orchids are joining an already vast range that includes artificial hydrangeas, kiku, blossom and our bestselling faux pampas grass - and now, the artificial orchid. We pride ourselves on providing affordable luxury and quality looks for your home, and our artificial orchids are no different.

Contempee are experts at styling faux flowers with vases. Our new offering isn't an artificial orchid plant, but rather 4 orchid stem that sit perfectly in a vase. The orchid stem has no artificial leaves for a clean, simple look. They have many orchids on each stem, so you get lots of flowers in a bunch.

The faux orchid range is one of our more luxurious offerings, priced at £34.99 for 4 stems. This is because the flowers are made using real touch material, a high quality and strikingly realistic material. The range includes four stunning colour options, mixing bold and subtle shades to ensure there is an artificial orchid for everybody.

Colours to Brighten the Home

Check out our four faux orchid colours below. They are sure to brighten your home and add a beautiful, colourful touch.


For those who love the classics, our white faux orchids are perfect. They'll go in any home, whether you have a neutral, minimalist aesthetic or channel bold eclectic maximalism.

Pink Freckles

These freckled pink petals are beautiful for adding a touch more colour without it feeling like too much.

Lime green

Lime green adds a citrus element to your home. It's bold, bright and fresh!


Magenta pink combines rich purple and deep pink tones for a stunning, bold colour.

Styling Our Artificial Orchids

Our artificial orchids are versatile and can be styled in countless ways. But if you want the pre-approved Contempee look, we recommend pairing our artificial orchids with our bestselling Mya Vase as shown in the above images. The great thing about artificial flowers is that you have more choice when it comes to vases. Mya is a unique vase made of black metal. It isn't enclosed at the sides so it could not hold water, but for artificial flowers, that doesn't matter!

The delicate petals of our artificial orchid flowers contrast against the industrial, modern look of the vase, making an interesting and unique look. If you're going to have an artificial orchid in your home, do it the Contempee way!


Why Faux?

Why should you opt for an artificial orchid? An orchid plant is quite hard to care for. Orchids hail from all areas of the world, but especially thrive in tropical parts. There are also several types of orchids, such as phalaenopsis orchid, dendrobium orchid, vanda orchid, oncidium orchid and more. Each type requires slightly different care when it comes to humidity, temperature, watering and more. It requires a lot of effort and commitment to research the type of orchid you have, and exactly what care it requires. Orchids also don't flower all year long, so you can only enjoy the flowers for a limited time.

Faux orchids are much lower maintenance, requiring no real maintenance at all! You can enjoy the flowers all year long and you don't have to spend money on anything else, such as specialist orchid water and sprays that you would need for an orchid plant.

Order Now

We knew these would be popular so we have a high stock quantity. There is plenty of availability, so order yours now. Whether you want your faux orchid in white, freckled pink, magenta, lime green or all four, we're ready to take your orders and ship them out to you.

Remember, orders over £40 qualify for free delivery, and our Mya Vase is the perfect pairing to push your basket over that threshold.