How to Style Our Artificial Trees

How to Style Artificial Trees 

If, like us, you follow home accounts on Instagram and TikTok for inspiration, I’m sure you have come across the latest artificial tree trend. Faux Olive Trees and Faux Eucalyptus Trees are favourites for lovers of minimalist style. They’re flooding our instagram feeds and we can see why. These artificial trees are the perfect way to inject a laid-back, mediterranean feel to your home. And in fact, we love them so much that we’ve launched our own! 

Introducing: Faux Tree Collection

Contempee is committed to providing our customers with the best, on-trend home decor pieces, and trees are no exception. We’ve launched a Faux Olive Tree and a Faux Eucalyptus Tree so that you can elevate your home, affordably. Check these out below! 

Both trees come in two parts and you simply connect these parts together to make a 160cm tree (roughly 5ft 2”!) In true Contempee-style, we want your look to be perfect, and so we have sourced the perfect pot and moss topping for an authentic Mediterranean look. These additional products will be launching in early 2024 - so keep an eye on our socials. 

We’re expecting our Faux Tree Collection to be very popular, so order yours now to avoid disappointment, and check out our top styling tips below!

How to Style 

Adding such a large statement piece to your home can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you get it right, so follow our top tips below to ensure your artificial tree is styled perfectly!

  1. Fluff it up!
    Don't just construct your faux tree and leave it as it is right out of the package. We recommend fluffing out the branches to get it the exact shape that you want it. This will create a more authentic and full look. Remember, real olive trees do not have perfectly straight branches and rigid shapes, and neither do real eucalyptus trees. EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! 🚨 29th October we will be launching TWO Faux Trees, we can’t wait to launch these! Save the date - these will sell fast! P.S. the pots will also be coming soon but unfortunately not until January! #home #homestyle #olivetree #fauxtree #artificialtree #homedecor ♬ original sound - Ian Asher

  2. Place it in a well-lit area.
    Consider placement of your faux tree, and place it where there is a tonne of natural light. This way, the light will catch the leaves of your tree and elevate the look of it even further. The light will also cast pretty shadows of the branches and leaves on your wall in true mediterranean style.

  3. Get a larger pot
    One sure way to tell that a tree is fake, is by the size of the pot that it comes in. Our Faux Olive Tree and Faux Eucalyptus Tree's are both sent in a small black pot, but a real tree of this size would need a much larger pot for its roots. For your faux tree to look more balanced and authentic, place it in a larger pot that is proportionate to its size. We have the perfect pots for our artificial trees launching in early 2024 - so keep an eye out! 

  4. Add moss to the top of your pot.
    So you've fluffed out your tree, placed it in a well lit area and got a larger pot. But unless you add some sort of natural foliage topping to the pot, it may still look fake. We recommend filling out the larger pot with packaging materials and then topping your pot with faux moss. Again, we will be launching our own decorative moss in January/February 2024, so we've got you covered here! If moss is not for you, you can opt for faux soil or stones.

  5. Leave enough space around it. 
    To avoid a cluttered look, we recommend placing your faux tree in a position that allows for plenty of space around it. This way, the tree does the talking and it does not look awkward, out of place and cluttered. Spacious corners like that shown in the below video work great. Other ideal places include entryways, hallways and kitchens. You can even place your Faux Olive Tree or Faux Eucalyptus Tree in a sheltered area outside such as an enclosed porch - as long as you make sure it is protected from rain and snow! Just ONE WEEK until we launch our faux trees 😍 here’s our eucalyptus tree - launching Sunday 29th #home #homestyle #fauxtrees #interiordecor #homestyling #homedecor ♬ original sound - Ian Asher

This is our biggest and most exciting launch yet, and we're expecting these faux trees to sell out very quickly. Quality artificial trees at an affordable price point are hard to come by, but we have just stepped up the game. 

Order yours now.