Happy Home, Happy Life | How Our Homes Contribute to Our Happiness

Happy Home, Happy Life 

Here at Contempee, we believe that the home is very important. That's why we provide stunning homeware accessories - so that our customers can create a space that they love, connect with and represents them. Surrounding yourself with visually appealing pieces that bring you joy is what home decor is all about. Nothing feels better that putting your own stamp on your home, whether that be through major renovations or just adding some personal finishing touches. Turns out, there’s some science behind this ethos. Our homes are hugely responsible for our overall happiness according to a 2019 study.

Your home accounts for 15% of your overall happiness 

A study by Kingfisher titled ‘The GoodHome Report’ and published in 2019 found that our homes account for 15% of our overall happiness. While this might not seem like a huge percentage, the home ranked more significant than what we earn (6%), our job (3%), and general health and fitness (14%), making it one of the biggest contributors to wellbeing. Breaking this down a little further, it turns out that how happy we are in our homes is determined by five factors: pride, identity, comfort, safety and control. Surprisingly, factors such as whether you rent or own have little to no influence.

Pride has the biggest impact out of the five, accounting for 44% of our home happiness. If you’re feeling a bit fed up with your home, pride may be key, but what can you do to feel prouder of your home?

Tips for feeling proud of your home 

This simple Contempee formula can help you take more pride in your home, increasing your happiness and overall wellbeing. 

  1. Clean and Clutter-free
    We all know that feeling when a guest is due to arrive so you frantically run around tidying, dusting and maybe even squeezing in a quick hoover. If you're guilty of only tidying when you’re expecting a guest, then changing this habit is our first tip for taking pride in your home. You deserve to experience that clean, fresh feeling too! We know that life responsibilities can get in the way and it is not always easy to keep a clean home, especially with kids, or a dog, (or both!), but why not take up a manageable challenge to reduce clutter around your home? Clutter effects anxiety levels, sleep and focus, and so reducing it even slightly will help you feel happier and prouder of your home. 

  2. Make it your own
    Next, it’s important that you feel your personality and taste shining through in your home. It’s doubtful that you will feel proud of a home that you don’t like or connect with, and so making a space your own is really important. The great thing is, you don’t need to spend tonnes of money to do this. Just adding some quote prints that you resonate with or wall art that fits your aesthetic can add personality to a plain room, making your space feel more ‘you’. Contempee have a stunning collection of wall art to choose from.

  3. Add beautiful accessories
    Last but not least, it’s time to add some beautiful homeware accessories that brighten your space, add character and make you feel happy. At Contempee, we love faux flowers and believe nothing brightens a space more than a gorgeous floral arrangement. Faux flowers are a great choice as they last a very long time, and our silk artificial flowers are just like the real thing. Why not add some faux hydrangea, cherry blossom or kiku flowers to help you feel proud of your home? Or if your style is more boho chic, you’re sure to love our faux pampas grass. 

Home Inspiration 

If you’re anything like us, you may be a bit indecisive when it comes to home decor - and that’s ok! If you’d love to make changes to your home but just don’t know where to start, we recommend following home accounts on social media for inspiration. Home influencers often share styling tips, DIY hacks, brand recommendations and more, making them a fabulous place to build your confidence and gather inspiration. Here are our top 5 home Instagram accounts that we recommend you follow for Contempee-style inspo. 

  1. our_home_style
    Anna from our_home_style shares budget interior styling tips, DIY hacks and more, all in her stunning scandi inspired home. She even offers affordable e-Design services. 
  2. thewisteria.home
    If you love neutral decor, you’re going to love this account! 
  3. our_bears_home
    Kate is passionate about interior design, transforming her home and sharing DIY tips and tricks along the way. 
  4. homebyrosie
    Rosie has a stunning home, giving us endless inspiration! 
  5. at.home.with.missb
    Calsey has decorated her home in a modern nordic style that oozes class. She shares interior, DIY, upcycling tips and more!