Faux Spring Flowers That Will Wow Your Guests

Spring flowers such as tulips and blossom are some of the most loved flowers in the world. But the problem is, they're incredibly short lived, not just in terms of vase-life, but also their season. There is a short window in which tulips are available to buy in florists and supermarkets, meaning no matter how much you'd like to, you can't have them in your home year-round. That is, you couldn't until now. 

Quality faux flowers that look real are the answer to year-round Spring flowers, and that's exactly what we specialise in here at Contempee. Just in time for the British Springtime, we have launched a range of quality Faux Tulips to make all of your flower dreams come true. 

Colours shown: Sunrise & Pink  

A bit about the range 


Arguably the best thing about tulips are their unique and vibrant colours, stunning two-toned petals and pastel shades. To capture this in our Faux Tulips, we have introduced a large range of 8 beautiful colours that realistically capture the shades of fresh tulips. You can choose from: 

We're sure you agree that the colours and two-tone blends make the flowers look so realistic - it's practically impossible to tell that they're fake! Plus, we have a colour for every occasion, style and home, so you're sure to find something you love.



The Perfect Tulip Vase  

 After colour, the second most important thing was finding the perfect vase to pair with our Faux Tulips. In our opinion, the vase can make or break a flower arrangement. Our stunning Ella Vase certainly makes it! Completing the look, the Ella Vase is the perfect size for 1 bunch (25 stems) of our artificial tulips, and its lovely round shape compliments the flowers. Made from iron and topped off with a textured finish, this vase suits all aesthetics and is available in both white and black. 

 How to style 

 Now, it is just as easy as unwrapping your faux tulips and popping them in your matching vase. But, to elevate your look even further, we recommend styling up the bouquet. We have ensured that the tulips have bendable stems, allowing you to have a play and really create the shape that you want. Creating a more realistic look (ahem, real tulips tend to droop!), the bendable stems allow you to splay out and style up your display, as shown in our video below. This creates a fuller and more realistic bouquet that will leave your guests speechless when you disclose that they are in fact faux.  




How much would you pay to have a fresh bunch of tulips in your house forever? Probably more than £29.99, right? Our Faux Tulips retail at just £29.99 for 25 stems - that's a big bouquet! And the best part is - nobody will even be able to tell they're fake. These Faux Tulips are of the highest quality and look completely realistic; the answer to your dream of Spring flowers year round. 

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 Ready for Spring 

So we hope that our brand new Faux Tulip Collection can help you get your home ready for Spring, year after year. Spring Decor is our favourite, and we have plenty of other decor ideas for the season, from our Faux Blossom to pastel florals.

You can shop the full Faux Tulip collection here.