Christmas Gift Guide 2023 | Home Decor Edition

Christmas Gift Guide 2023 

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Gathered around the tree with your loved ones, enjoying a Buck's Fizz, the smell of Christmas dinner filling the air, and eyeing up the presents that are sat under the tree, just waiting for the moment that they will be opened. There is so much excitement and joy in the air at this time of year, and giving gifts is just one of those wonderful joys.

But that's not to say that gift giving is without stress. Deciding on what to buy your loved ones can be the most stressful part of Christmas. You want to get them something that they love, that's special, and that they will actually use. That's a lot of pressure!

Luckily, we have put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide for 2023, to help you make that tough decision and ensure your gift puts a smile on their face. We have something for every type of person and every type of style. Whether you're after something for your Dad or for your girlfriend, we've got you covered!

Here is Contempee's 2023 Christmas gift guide.

  1. The All-Rounder

    white flowers and outline vase
    First up, we've got our All-Rounder pick. This gift is perfect for everyone. Who doesn't love flowers?! And we know that any lady in your life would love our bestselling White Kiku Flowers. Unlike real flowers, they last forever while still looking beautiful. Pair with our Statement Outline Vase as shown above to complete the look. Trust me, you won't regret it! 

    White Kiku Flowers: £29.99
    Statement Outline Vase: £22.99 

    Total cost: £52.98 
  2. The Minimalist 

    tall faux pampas grass in white iron vase

    We've all got a friend who loves minimalism. They may be big on the viral 'clean girl aesthetic', or just love minimalist home decor. If this sounds like someone you know, we have the perfect gift idea for you. Our Faux Pampas comes in two different sizes, Tall and Standard, both shown above. When paired with our Aria Glass Vase, this makes the ideal gift for the minimalist. The Aria Vase is also available in Tall or Standard, so you can take your pick. 

    Tall Aria Vase: £33.99
    Tall Faux Pampas: £24.99

    Tall Option Total: £58.98

    Aria Vase: £23.99
    Faux Pampas: £19.99

    Standard Option Total: £43.98

  3. The Cosy Introvert  

     Do you need to buy a gift for someone who loves to stay in? Someone who would rather have a night in with a book and a relaxing bath than go out and party? Well, we have just the thing. Our Tapered Candles and Candle Holders are a great gift for any home body. We have something to suit every style, with our candles available in plenty of colours, and candle holders available in plenty of styles. If you're undecided, we recommend the classic Minimal Candle Holder, as shown above.

    Set of 8 Candles: £12.99
    2 Minimal Candle Holders: £25.98

    Total: £38.97

  4. The ‘It’ Girl 

    faux olive tree

    Perhaps the hardest person to buy for - the 'it' girl. If you're a Friends fan, Rachel Green springs to mind, and it's well known that she would famously return gifts for an exchange or store credit. So what do you buy the fashion-forward, trend-savvy person who loves to wow and make a statement? May we suggest, our beautiful Faux Olive Tree. Faux trees are a big trend at the moment - and for good reason! They're a low maintenance piece that has a huge impact in your home. So if your wife, girlfriend, sister or other loved one is someone who likes to keep up with home decor trends, gift them this this Christmas. 

    Faux Olive Tree: £89.99
    Total: £89.99 

  5. Office-obsessed Dad

    Dads are notoriously hard to buy for. They just never seem to want anything, even when you ask directly! Well for the Dad who is always cooped up in his home office, or 'man cave', we have just the thing. These framed canvases, Sandi Inspired No.1 and No.2, are ideal for Dads home office. The striking monochrome look is masculine enough for Dad, and neutral enough to not cause any familial rifts. (Ahem, there's no way you're putting those on the wall!) The canvases come in 3 different sizes to suit a range of budgets. Browse the collection here. 

    Framed Canvas 30cm x 40cm: £160

    Total: £160 

  6. The Girly Girl 

    Last but not least, we have the girly girl. There are girly girls of all ages - they may be 4 or 34, but either way, they love barbie pink, and they love flowers. Our Kiku Flower in Pink is the ideal gift for any girly girl, providing a permanent pop of pink in their life that they're sure to be very thankful for. To go the distance, pair with our Statement Outline Vase in Gold, because no girly girl's style is complete without a touch of sparkle! 

    Kiku Flower in Pink: £29.99
    Statement Outline Vase in Gold: £22.99 

    Total: £52.98

We hope that our Christmas Gift Guide has been helpful and aided your gift-buying decision. Why, you may even have found two gifts that you'd like to order from us! Remember that all UK orders over £40 and US orders over $100 get free shipping, and so doubling up on some gifts will help you to save on shipping fees. 

Wishing you stress-free Christmas shopping and a huge Merry Christmas, from all of the team here at Contempee.