7 Unique Silhouette Vases

7 Unique Silhouette Vases 

Over the last few years, you will have seen the rise of silhouette vases, also known as outline vases. Where as traditional vases are typically used for displaying fresh flowers and hold water, silhouette vases are a modern option for faux flowers. As the name suggests, they are just the outline of the vase. Often made from metal, silhouette vases are designed to hold the stems of faux flowers or dried flowers, and offer a modern and intriguing take on a traditional vase. 

Silhouette vases are surprisingly versatile, with more options than you may think. As they have grown in popularity, more creative versions of the outline vase have been released. Contempee have plenty of silhouette vases to choose from, all of which complement a minimalist aesthetic. We’re sharing seven of our favourite silhouette vases below, along with some top tips on how best to style them! 

Our Favourite Outline Vases 

  1. Classic

    If you’re after a classic silhouette vase, then Contempee’s “Outline Vase No.2” is likely the one for you. The OG of silhouette vases, this simple, stylish vase goes with absolutely any home. Pairing particularly well with our Faux Pampas, this option is great for those who desire a minimalist home aesthetic. Check out how we style it below!
    silhouette vase

  2. Statement

    For something a little bolder, you should opt for statement outline vases. Statement vases play with the silhouette slightly, giving a little bit more than just the outline. Although slightly bolder than our classic option, Contempee’s Statement Outline Vase is still ideal for any minimalist. We recommend pairing this stunning vase with our bestselling Faux Kiku Flower. See how we’ve style the black and gold below!

  3. Colour

    While traditionally black, silhouette vases also come in other colours. If black is too much for you, Contempee’s Outline Vase No.2 also comes in Slate Grey, Gold and White as shown below. So whatever your homes colour palette, there is something for you!

  4. Tall

    If you’d rather your statement vase sit on the floor than on a table, there are plenty of tall silhouette vases designed especially for this purpose. Our tall outline vases pair perfectly with our Tall Faux Pampas, and we have plenty of options, from the Tall Statement Outline Vase to the Tall Black Outline Vase No.2.

  5. Bottle

    Another unique silhouette vase is Contempee’s Tall Outline Vase No.2, which looks just like a bottle. Thanks to it’s angular, bottle-like shape, we think this vase looks amazing styled in a kitchen, bar or on a drinks trolley.

    bottle outline vasebottle outline vase

  6. Wow factor

    For the “wow” factor that makes even more of a statement than our Statement Outline Vase, opt for the stunning Mya. Mya has a unique shape and pairs beautifully with our Faux Blossom, as shown below. If you’re after something taller, our Nala Vase also wows, and makes a great option for our Tall Faux Pampas.

  7. Glitz and Glam

    If you love minimalism but also like a dash of glitz and glam, a gold silhouette vase might just be for you. Our gold silhouette vases add that sparkle without being too OTT. They look particularly beautiful paired with our pink toned faux pampas or White Kiku Flower. 

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