7 benefits of faux flowers


With warm summer days just around the corner, flowers are a wonderful way to inject a bit of life and colour into your home. Buying fresh flowers every week can get expensive and tedious, but there are several benefits of faux flowers. Have you ever considered luxury artificial flowers?

If so, you're in luck! Contempee are launching stunning faux flower bouquets on the 16th April, available in four colours and just in time for the warmer months. Our artificial bouquets are as beautiful as the real thing, giving you the look of high end floristry arrangements without the cost or hassle.

 The artificial flower bouquets will be available in the following colours: Deep Plum, Evergreen, Apricot Rose and Classic. If you prefer a simpler look, we have stunning individual artificial flowers too, including faux cherry blossomfaux hydrangea and faux kiku flowers which can also be mixed to create stunning and unique flower arrangements for effortless natural beauty.


Artificial flowers not only have environmental and cost benefits, but also last for ages, keeping your house bright and colourful all year long. If you're not convinced, here are 7 benefits of artificial flowers.

  1. COST

    Of course, both faux and real flowers can vary in price, but you get more bang for your buck with artificial flowers. Real flowers only last for 7 days on average. If you're lucky, this may stretch to 10. If you want seasonal flowers all year round, you have to make a purchase every 7 or so days. This means you're continuously replacing fresh flowers, but with fake flowers, one purchase and you're set! If you're looking for something cost effective, fake flowers are the perfect alternative to fresh ones.


    The environmental impact of fresh vs faux flowers has been long debated, and while there are pros and cons to both we believe fake flowers come out on top. A huge reason for this is packaging. Fresh flowers are nearly always packaged in un-recyclable single use plastic. Artificial flowers require much less packaging and Contempee ship them in cardboard, an eco friendly and easily recycled material. Reusability is also a huge factor. Although both fresh flowers and faux flowers are often shipped from overseas, one purchase of faux flowers could last for years, fresh flowers only 7 days. Less frequent purchases equals less emissions.

    faux hydrangea blue


    We've all had that beautiful bouquet of flowers that we wish would last forever. But unfortunately, within a week or so petals start to drop and flowers begin to droop. At some point we have to admit defeat and dispose of them. With faux flowers, you avoid this heartache as they are so long lasting. An obvious benefit is that quality artificial bouquets last for years, making them the floral display that keeps on giving.


    Have you ever stood at the florist trying to find the perfect colours to compliment your décor? While they are beautiful, real flowers come in a limited selection of colours, and your favourite blooms aren't always available. Faux flowers offer modern choices to compliment your home that are not easily found in nature, making them a popular alternative. Check out this beautiful midnight blue hydrangea or livid kiku flower. These vibrant flowers bring life and soul into your home.


    Fresh flowers can bring a bit of mess, whether that's falling petals, lily pollen stains or spillages if you or a clumsy guest accidentally knocked the vase. Artificial flowers in general are lower maintenance. Just pop them in a vase and they'll stay looking beautiful with no need to change or top up the water, completely maintenance-free. (Just run a clean cloth over the leaves and stems of your bouquet every now and again to get rid of dust build up.)


    Artificial flowers and silk flowers are a great alternative if you suffer from allergies, hay fever or other health issues that are triggered by the pollen or strong fragrance of fresh flowers. With fake flowers, you get the beauty of flowers year round without getting itchy eyes!

  7. Silk flowers

    A lot of our artificial flowers are made from silk, including our bestselling pampas grass. Silk flowers are high-quality and incredibly realistic with delicate petals, so you get all the benefits of artificial flowers without them looking or feeling too fake. Many brides are even opting for silk wedding flowers for their bridal bouquet! We love the idea of artificial wedding bouquets. Not only do you get all the benefits of artificial flowers, once the wedding is over you are able to re purpose your flowers with ease and enjoy them all year round. Real wedding flowers are only used for a few hours before being thrown away, and this just feels like a waste, so why not consider silk flower bouquets for your wedding flowers? You can also add them to the tables for your guests to enjoy!

 These are just some of the benefits of artificial flowers. With free shipping on all orders over £40 and 1000+ five star reviews, why not make Contempee your florist of choice and opt for artificial flower? If you're feeling generous, our artificial bouquets make the ideal gift for your partner or a loved one. Who wouldn't want to decorate with beautiful, realistic flowers that match their home aesthetic, wow their guests and last longer than a week?! We're sure you'll love artificial flowers as much as we do.

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