How to Decorate Using Neutrals | Top tips

If you know about Contempee, you’ll know that we love a neutral interior. Minimal, boho, neutral decor is what we’re all about, proved by our brand new collection of the bestselling Kiku Flower. Indeed, we’ve just launched the stunning Boho Collection. All about neutrals, the Boho Collection includes three neutral Kiku bouquets - Cream, Brown and our mixed Boho Assorted. In honour of this new collection, we’re sharing some tips and tricks for decorating with neutrals that will help you achieve that laid back, effortless feel - without it feeling plain or boring.

Introducing: The Boho Collection

First off, we’re showing off our new collection so that you can see what all the hype is about! We first introduced our Faux Kiku Flowers back in January 2023, and they swiftly became a fan favourite, with the White Kiku selling out in just two hours on launch day! Since then, we’ve had two huge re-stocks, and the popularity of the flowers is only increasing. That’s why we have decided to expand the range - and just in time for summer! What better way to decorate for summer than with our new Boho Collection? Pictured below are the three new bouquets that just launched on Sunday 21 May; Brown, Cream and Boho Assorted. 

Whether you’re already a lover of neutrals or not, these bouquets are a perfect way to add neutrals to your home in a fun way. In honour of this collection, we’re sharing five tips for decorating with neutrals below. 

How to elevate a neutral room

  1. Add different textures 

    It’s easy to think that neutral equals boring, but that is certainly not the case! Neutral home decor can still have tons of character, and a sure way to avoid it feeling stagnant is to add lots of texture. We’re talking rugs, throws and cushions with differing textures as well as furniture, wall art and lamp shades. Even if they are all of neutral tones, the textures themselves make a statement! Mix rattan, bouclé, different woods and other materials for an interesting, multidimensional effect. You can also try layering. We love the look of layered rugs, but if that feels a bit too daring then layering different throws and cosy blankets is also an option. 

  2. Add fun shapes and silhouettes

    Things don’t always have to be big and bright to make a statement. Our silhouette vases are perfect for making a neutral statement. The design is elegant, simple and interesting to look at while still blending in with a neutral design. We have a large range of outline vases to choose from, all of which pair perfectly with our bestselling Faux Pampas. 

  3. Touches of black 

    Touches of black add depth and elegance to a beige room without taking away from the neutral theme. Our Aria Vase in Matt Black is the perfect addition to any neutral backdrop. We also recommend considering black woodwork, curtain poles and furniture legs to tie everything together.

  4. Metallic 

    Just like black, metallic finishing touches help to elevate a neutral room. We love this glass side table with gold legs - it makes a stunning addition to a beige room. Other metallic touches include luxurious mirrors, ornaments and vases, such as our very own Statement Outline Vase in Gold. 

  5. Statement Wall Art 

    Last but not least, statement wall art makes all the difference in a neutral room. Where as prints can sometimes look a bit flat, framed canvas’ make a statement while bringing in a bit more texture, and as we learned earlier, texture is important! The texture of framed canvas’ allows you to stick to a neutral colour palette while still making a statement. You can even opt for a canvas in the same colour as your walls - the texture and large frame means it will stand out anyway. We have a stunning Framed Canvas Collection with plenty of neutral pieces to choose from.

    Framed Canvas Set: Scandi Inspired No.3 and No.4