Perfect Pair: Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Vase

So, you’ve browsed Contempee and found the perfect faux floral arrangement to add to your home. But there’s one problem, you’re unsure which vase to choose to complete your purchase.

Finding the perfect vase to pair with your floral arrangements can be a difficult task. The height, width and shape all have to be spot on to hold your flora in just the right way. If the neck of the vase is too big, the flowers lack support and splay out. If the height is too small, too much stem is on show leaving an odd flower-to-stem ratio. The perfect shape is essential to ensure the vase highlights rather than distracts from the beauty of the flowers. 

Thankfully, Contempee offer an array of vases perfectly crafted for each arrangement. We’ve created this Perfect Pair Guide to help you decide which vase to pair with which product. 

Introducing: Ava Frosted Glass Vase 

Firstly, we’re introducing the new kid on the block. Our latest edition, the Ava Frosted Glass Vase, is available in grey or clear and is launching this Sunday! Ava is versatile, perfect for our Eucalyptus (2-3 bunches works best), Pampas (we recommend two bunches) or one bunch of our stunning hydrangea stems. Sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of our site or follow us on Instagram and TikTok to be notified when she launches!   

 If Ava isn’t for you, we’ve included our other vase offerings below and what they’re best paired with, ensuring you get the Perfect Pair every time! 

 Tall Vases for Tall Pampas

 Our outline vases inject modern, contemporary design into your home by using simple, clean lines. The Tall Outline Vase No.1 is available in black or gold and pairs perfectly with our Tall Faux Pampas. Tall Faux Pampas can also be paired with Tall Black Outline Vase No.2 and Tall Black Statement Outline Vase, both designed to perfectly complement and contrast with the fluffy, soft pampas. 

Another option for our tall pampas is the stunning Aria Glass Vase, available in matt black or clear black.

Whereas our tall vases work best displayed on the floor, you may need something smaller for a corner table or centre piece. Luckily, we have plenty of options to choose from. 

Outline Vases for Faux Pampas

Our smaller outline vases are the perfect pairing for Faux Pampas. We recommend using at least 5 stems of faux pampas per vase, but you can use more if you desire a fluffier, fuller look. We have 4 black outline vases to choose from. If you want to make more of a statement, you can opt for our bestselling Black Statement Outline Vase , or go for a white or gold option instead. (Gold works particularly well with Natural Rose pampas!) 

If you’re not a fan of the outline style and would prefer a more traditional vase for your faux pampas, other pairings work too, such as our Ribbed Glass Vase in clear or grey, or Aria Glass Vase in matt or clear.  

Ribbed Glass Vase for Hydrangea 

Hydrangeas have beautiful, big, round flower heads and so look best paired in a vase with a wider neck. Our Frosted Ribbed Glass Vase in grey or clear works perfectly, balancing the large flowers. Our new Ava Frosted Glass Vase also works well with one bunch of hydrangea, as the rounded yet tall silhouette of the vase complements the round flower  heads. 


Narrow Necks for Blossom, Eucalyptus and Kiku

Our Glass Balloon Vase has a narrow neck making it perfect for blossom or eucalyptus, as it holds the stems perfectly in place at the ideal height. Similarly, Grey Nova Glass Vase works well for blossom if you prefer a squarer silhouette. Our Ribbed Glass Vase in clear or grey is particularly versatile, working well for eucalyptus or the gorgeous Kiku Flower. But if you really want the colour of your kiku flowers to pop and stand out, we recommend the Aria Glass Vase in black or grey as it provides that stunning contrast in a matt or clear finish.  

If you’re still not sure, we’ve included a handy table below that shows you which floral arrangement works with each vase. You can also drop us an email to ask any questions - our friendly customer service team are always happy to help! 


Please note this is just a guide and our personal recommendations. Home decor is all about having fun, experimenting and making your home perfect for YOU.