Mothers Day Gift Guide | Interior gift ideas for Mum

What do you gift the person who gave you everything? Every time Mothers Day rolls around we’re left scratching our heads trying to think of a unique and thoughtful gift that is different from whatever we got last year. Flowers are lovely but they don’t last, mum already has millions of candles and you’re restricted by a budget. If you’re currently in this predicament, then you’re in luck. Contempee has put together a Mothers Day gift guide for you, including items from our shop and beyond to ensure you put a smile on your Mums face this year. 

Our Mother’s Day edit is focused on gifts for the home. As our mothers create a home for us throughout childhood, it seems fitting to gift them something gorgeous to put in it (to make up for all the mess you made as a child!) 

1. Kiku Flower 

Our number 1 top pick for Mother’s Day 2023 is the Kiku Flower available from our shop. Quality faux flowers in general make a great gift as they are both beautiful and long-lasting, but the Kiku in particular stands out to us. Kiku’s are modelled on the Japanese chrysanthemum, which is not just a beautiful flower but also the symbol of the sun, perfection, long life, power and nobility. The Kiku is so special in fact, that it is the official flower of Japan, the seal of the Imperial family of Japan, as well as the insignia on every Japanese passport. These stunning flowers make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Not only do they look beautiful in any home, as the symbol of power and nobility they have a special meaning behind them. After all, what is more powerful and noble than the Mother? 

10 stems of our faux Kiku Flowers are available for just £26.99 in a variety of colours, and make the perfect statement when paired with our Aria vase.

kiku flower white in black vase

2. A Magazine Subscription 

If you’re Mum loves reading and is obsessed with all things home decor, a 12-month magazine subscription can be a lovely gift that’ll give her plenty of interior inspo. We particularly love House Beautiful, Country Living, and Modern Gardens for those with a green-thumb. The best thing about this gift is it keeps giving month after month, long after Mothers Day! 

3. Statement Vase 

Flowers are a common gift, but what about something to put them in? If you ask us, the vase is just as important as the flowers. Having the right vase makes all the difference to your floral display, and playing around with different sizes, shapes and colours can really make a statement. This gift is particularly great if you have a sibling. They can get the flowers, you can get the vase!

Browse our range of affordable vases, with options for both fresh and faux flowers. 

4. Quality Faux Flowers that last

Similar to the Kiku Flower, we have a range of faux flowers available at Contempee with something to suit every Mum. The great thing about faux flowers is that they are long-lasting, and surprisingly have environmental benefits too. Fresh flowers are nearly always packaged in un-recyclable, single use plastic, whereas faux flowers require much less packaging. Contempee ship them in cardboard, a sustainable and easily recycled material. You can choose something bright and pretty such as Hydrangea, Blossom or Kiku, or something more understated for the minimalist Mum, such as Eucalyptus or Pampas. If you’re up for the challenge, you could even create your very own bespoke faux bouquet! 

blue hydrangea

5. Framed Canvas 

If you’re looking for a luxurious gift, a framed canvas is just that. Canvas’s give any home an expensive feel and can really elevate a space. A benefit of canvas wall art is that they do not exhibit any glare or reflections, so can be placed in any light. Contempee have a stunning framed canvas collection that make the perfect gift if you’re wanting to go the extra mile and add a bit of luxury to your Mum’s home. We’re sure she deserves it! 

6. Contempee Gift Card 

Last but not least, you can let your Mum choose by opting for a Contempee gift card. From £10 to £100, a Contempee gift card allows your mum to choose something for her home that she will love and cherish. We have plenty of new releases and launches coming soon too, so she can save it for something in the future if she wishes to! 

We hope this gift guide has been helpful in helping you pick out a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. We’re sure your Mum will love whatever you chose to get her.